After having two boys (beautiful boys) it is rather nice having a little girl to photograph….purely because of the clothes! I have so many lovely dresses and headbands and other gorgeous girl props that I get to use in other peoples photos, but until recently never my own! So now that our little Meadow is old enough to walk and interact with the camera (and not look like a little bald man in a dress!) I thought it was time we did her a little photoshoot in a nice dress, something like I would create for my clients. I’d seen a lovely red dress and knew it would be great against an autumn back drop. I’d also recently created some falling leaf images for a client and knew I wanted to create some of our little girl. So we headed to the local woods.

It was very, VERY cold and a coat would spoil the photos so I knew we had to be quick. It would be a case of firing of shots for a few minutes and then that would be it, chance gone.

It went fairly well (thanks to silly daddy dances in the background) and we managed to get a few lovely ones of her….


Emmy x

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