So, our little Bug has just turned one! Time flies when you have a kid. When you’ve got three they’re a year by the time you’ve got over a labour and got back into the swing of things!  I’ve known since she was a few months old that I wanted to do a ‘cake smash’ session for her and I planned to do some standard portraits before and then introduce the cake. She’d never had cake before so I was unsure how she’d react. Some baby’s need a lot of encourage to actually get ‘smashing’. Not my girl! She well and truly ‘smashed’ it if you’ll excuse the pun. After a moment of looking rather dubious about this strange thing before, her inquisitive nature got the better of her and she was off! At one point picking the cake up and actually rolling it. She is obviously a fan of cake like her mother! Although I prefer to get as much in my mouth as I can rather than waste any rolling it around the floor.  I love the photos. If babies smashing cakes makes you smile it’s a great way to mark a 1st birthday!


Emmy x

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