2016-02-19_0001I have been blessed with two absolutely beautiful boys. I know I’m their mother so obviously somewhat biased, but everyone tells me so, so it has to be true ;).  My eldest’s strongest feature has to be his striking green eyes. People always remark on his eyes. He is 6 and has been more than happy to pose away for my camera for a good few years now and in that time he has become a total natural. I have some great images that I’m proud to say I have taken of him. By nature, he’s very responsible and a bit of a perfectionist and very interested in how things work and doing well at what he sets his mind to, so it’s no suprise really. My middle son however, different story! He is blessed with THE most gorgeous complexion, sandy, golden blonde hair, tanned flawless skin and big soulful brown eyes just like his father. He’s stunning, but trying to get a photo of a strong willed three year old who cannot be convinced or teased into doing something they are not genuinely interested in is realistically just not going to happen. However, I thought I would give it yet another go during the summer holidays when life is a bit more relaxed and less rushed. We took a walk through some long grass and tried to keep it playful. To my amazement he was really enjoying it. Confident, smiling and generally having a blast. At one point he had us all in hysterics as every time I tried to get a shot he would jump up and shout ‘let me see it!’ Every. Single. Time. he heard the camera click. Totally losing the position and amazing pose he was just in. It was very cute, but beyond frustrating at the same time! Every time I almost had a good shot, up he would jump! Still, not complaining as it’s a vast improvement to the usual ‘not listen to a thing mummy says and just do my own thing’ show. Anyway, after about an hour of this ‘game’ I managed to get more photos of my beautiful golden haired boy than I have in his whole life put together! Not including his newborn pictures as he didn’t really have much of a choice to stay still for those! So far my walls are pretty empty as I couldn’t bear to put anything up of my others but not of him. Now that I have good photos of all three of them, these will definitely  be going up on my wall. I have literally hundreds, but here is a collection of my favourites that make me warm inside to look at. Luckily I got a lovely one of my older boy too which I’ve included so they will look fab on the wall side by side together.


Emmy x

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