This shoot VERY almost didn’t happen but boy am I so VERY pleased it did! As a mother of 3 I don’t get as much time to take and edit photos of my own children as I’d like. It had been a particularly hectic few weeks filled with the usual dutiful parent stuff and mundane house related things to do. As much as I’d wanted to I just hadn’t got round to an outing to the bluebells with my girl yet. The bluebells were on their way out and not looking so fresh any more, so it was now or never and we finally managed (goodness knows how) to free up a couple of hours. With a last minute outfit change (she saw this dress in a shop and fell in love with it earlier the same day! – thank goodness she has good taste and it went with what I had planned as I there was no way I was getting her out of it today!) we headed to our local bluebell woods. A magical place! I’d taken some photos of my girl before (you may remember the ones from the autumn with the falling leaves) But I’d yet to take one that I actually liked enough to put on the wall and we really need one of her up now (she is almost 3 years old so it is something I really can’t put off any longer! No pressure then!). I haven’t taken one where she looks genuinely happy or showing her true beauty. Her joy. She’s such a happy little soul and with an infectious smile (and a hilarious over the top laugh to go with it! Luckily photos don’t have sound 😉 )I’ve no doubt this will sound like a proud mum exaggerating their child’s talents, but she was seriously amazing. She followed direction much better than her older brothers do at time. A complete natural. I have a feeling I’ll have to make the most of this new development over the summer! The shoot went better than I could have asked and I certainly don’t have the problem of not having any photos for the wall. The problem now is which one! Happy Mummy.











Emmy x

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