So, this little blog of mine has been rather inactive lately! (for reasons explained in an up and coming blog post), BUT I’m back!…… and starting off by catching up with a few shoots that I didn’t get around to blogging from laster summer.

I really wanted some lovely photos of my daughter and I together.  You know what it’s like before you have children, you promise to take as many photos of each baby that you have, and I truly believed being a photographer I would totally make this happen (yeah I know…..pahahahaha) after all, I love taking photos. However, 3 Children later, and If I’m honest I  just don’t take as many day to day photos as I did with my first – I spend too much time repeating myself over, catching up on a few minutes sleep or picking the same sofa cushions off the floor for the 598th time. So I wanted to do a special ‘mummy and me’ photoshoot with her. So, we rocked matching denim jackets and pink tutus (my daughters idea of heaven!) and headed out to one of my favourite locations to shoot at my favourite time of day to shoot.

We had so much fun! So much twirling and playing! So often you have an idea in your head, (which for me is dangerous as I see the idea in a lot of detail and have an EXACT image in my head, but usually the reality doesn’t live up to that image so I’m left with a constant feeling of disappointment and failure) but often it’s hard to recreate that in real life. But I think on this occaision, I can safely say that these photos represent the images I wanted to capture. Especially the image at the top of this page. It’s 100% my new favourite photo of us together and definitely deserves a place on our wall. Most importantly we enjoyed ourselves 🙂











Emmy x



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