Hessian Faded

So I mentioned in a recent blog post that I would explain why this little business & blog of mine has been so quiet lately, so here goes….

For the last year my family and I have been preparing to up and move our whole life to a different part of England due to my husband undertaking a two year training course in Oxfordshire. I decided to take some time off to support my children through this change and to help organise our life to make the move easier (so much to organise!). My eldest two children absolutely adore their school. They have only ever been to this one school and have been with the same close friends since they were 3/4 years old. This is going to be such a huge change for them. Before having children, I always dreamed we’d buy a house, have children and never, ever move. They would grow up in the one family home and go to the same school. But life sometimes has other plans. Although I’m worried about moving them when they are so very happy and settled, I know in the long run this will be best for our family. The process may be painful at times, but in the end it will be worth it. It’s a tricky time for my daughter too. She’s due to start primary school the month after we move so there is going to be so much change for her in such a short space of time. I really want to make the most of our time together on her last year of being at home with me full time and I want to do everything I can to make it easier for all of them. So the business has taken a bit of a back seat. It’s also pretty hard to stay motivated to run a business when you know you are about to up and leave and re-locate leaving what you have worked for behind.

I’ll be taking a bit of time of when we first move. Just to be around and fully present while everyone is adjusting to their new routines, schools. Their new life. Once everyone is truly settled and happy. I’m also hoping to spend some time training for a marathon (eek!) but then I’ll hopefully be looking to start work in the Oxford area. We are only there for the two years but I hope to be able to attract enough work in that time to build a successful business. So if you know anyone in the Oxford area… be sure to send them my way!

I’ll still be in Sussex regularly visiting our wonderful family and friends, so if you have always wanted to book in for a session with me but have never got round to it, it’s still possible. As long as sessions are booked well in advance so I can arrange them around our visits, I will still be accepting Sussex bookings.

We’ll be moving to a beautiful little village on the outskirts of Oxford. We’ll have the best of both worlds as in one direction from our village is stunning rural Oxfordshire and in the other direction 6 miles away is the City of Oxford best known for it’s prestigious university and amazing architecture. The surrounding countryside is quite something, but I know I’ll miss the coast terribly. There will definitely be lots of trips home during our time there.

Emmy x


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