So my husband has finished his course! We are now no longer living in the 3rd floor flat accommodation at the college he was studying at in Oxford and we have finally followed our 6 year long West Country dream of re-locating to Cornwall!

Excited beyond words for so many reasons! Hubby having a job he loves. Being back by the coast, as I have missed it SO much while being inland at Oxford. The oh so beautiful beaches here. The more relaxed lifestyle in these parts. Being part of a village community. The childhood my kids get to have – walks on the moors, chips and ice creams at the beach on sunny days, exploring rock pools… the list goes on.

I’m also excited as I think now is finally the time to get my business back up and running.

The last year and a half I was living in Sussex I let it slowly die down. Partly as we were busy preparing to move and partly because I just couldn’t find the motivation in all honesty to reach out to new clients when I knew we would be leaving anyway.

I thought I would continue in Oxford but after taking some time to get the kids settled and then training for a marathon I then had just over a year to go before we would relocate once more, and again, I felt very little enthusiasm to try and build a business from scratch just to leave it once more. Then of course Covid hit and changed everything anyway.

We have been in Cornwall a couple of months now and are nice and settled already. We LOVE it! We are living in a beautiful traditional Cornish farmhouse in a very rural location. We are right next to the Camel Trail – perfect for my runs! and look out out the window to fields of cows, sheep and shetland ponies. Truly idilic and I’m so very grateful for how things have turned out. Obviously we are yet to make many friends and connections due to lockdown and rules regarding Covid. But that will come with time!

Hubby has settled into his new job, and the younger two children their new village school, and my eldest and I have settled into a nice home ed routine. Although we are home educating him, he is attending an amazing Forest School one day a week which gives me some time for editing and admin that to be honest, I’ve been struggling to find time for since the children have got older – and therefore staying up later – I used to do all my work in the evenings after they went to bed. I’m also getting older and can’t pull the 2am-ers any more to get stuff done! 😂

Obviously now is probably not the exact right time to try to start a new business when people are feeling anxious with the current situation and possibly under financial strain. Photoshoots may feel a bit of a luxury. But I’m hoping that by Spring next year things will be a bit more normal, especially with a new vaccine having just been announced. So between now and then i’ve some time to get a few things sorted – freshen up the website, get this blog up to date, design a new welcome and information pack potential new clients, review prices, put together a mailing list, source locations, review my product supplier etc but most importantly update my camera gear and get out and practice as I may have actually forgotten how to take a photo! 😂 My poor camera is getting on a bit now so I need to think about updating it and adding a few other items to my knapsack of camera goodies!

The scenery around here is just stunning so I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do.

So, until next spring, I’ll leave you with a few photos of Cornwall! There’ll be many more to come I’m sure !

Emmy x

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