Some of the sessions that bring in the most enquiries from new customers has to be bluebell sessions. Especially from parents of toddlers, these seem to be a favourite. If you’ve never visited a bluebell wood, you really must put it on your bucket list. I had never visited one before becoming a photographer and when I finally did it almost took my breath away to see that carpet of blue flowers. I’m not taking bookings for them this year as I haven’t really got work up and running yet in Oxford (hopefully soon!) but I’ve decided to take some of my youngest in some bluebells that are……. at the end of our road! When we moved to this village I was already so happy to see that there was a rapeseed field about 30 metres from my house, but then spring came and we discovered a bluebell wood at the end of our road too! Photographers dream!

Anyway, it was a bit of a last minute decision on the day that we finally did them and we got there rather late and the light was fading. But managed to get just a few that I’m really thrilled with.




Emmy x


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