So we are settled in Oxfordshire now!

We miss the people from home terribly but are settled and happy in our new life. We are enjoying exploring the area and making new friends.

At the moment, I plan to start work again in April when the weather is a bit more pleasant (as I will only be accepting location work while here due to having no studio and a lot of my newborn props are in storage) and I’ll have (hopefully) have completed my marathon by then.

One thing we have noticed about living further up the country though – when it snows, it SNOWS! Obviously this is great for photography! Win! Not so great when you are in a hilly, little village and the only ways out are winding country lanes and you have school runs to do! The schools are now shut but were actually still open for the first day so we cautiously attempted a school run. Unfortunately, someone lost control of their car turning a corner and ploughed into the front corner of our car! Don’t worry – all humans involved were unharmed…. our car….not so much. On the plus side we have been given a lovely curtesy car to use for now with heated seats! Something our old car didn’t have (but secretly hoping our new one might) and they are just amazing! Especially after a long training run …. SOOOOO good for aching muscles!

Anyway back to the snow! So I managed to convince my eldest to spare me ten minutes of his time for some snowy pics. Literally, that’s all I had before he was off building a huuuuuge snowman with some of his new friends. It was taller than me. I would have loved more time but am grateful for what I got. It’s not every day that you take a portrait that is in your top 5 faves of all time, but there’s one I got of him (top of this blog post ^ that I adore. The scenery, his clothes, the colours, the expression on his face. I’m quite proud of it actually. It’s a photo that if I’d seen on a another photographers page would stop me in my tracks and make me think ‘Oh i wish I’d taken that!’.

Here are the rest of my awesome (albeit rushed for time) model.














Emmy x

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