2016-02-15_0001Well for the first time this year I introduced bluebell ‘mini sessions’. A slightly shorter session, with less images for a reduced price. Blue has always been my favourite colour so it’s a perfect backdrop for me to work with. Plus the kids just love it and happy kids makes for happy photos. If you’ve never been to a bluebell wood (I hadn’t been myself until a couple of years ago) you really must. It’s not only beautiful but there is something totally magical about it. I could try to describe it, but I’m no writer and would and I think perhaps it’s only something you can understand if you’ve been to one and experienced it first hand. I’ve chosen a few of my favourite from the sessions to share here. There were some funny moments, one of the clients was heavily pregnant and there was a turn-style and lots of mud to get across. But we made it and I think the photos are worth it. I only offered a few sessions this year to see how they went and because of getting the timing right for when the bells are in full bloom, but will definitely be offering more of these sessions next year.


Emmy x

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